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2010 1 Juli


(Montalcino, July 2010) – Banfi Distribuzione, the European wine marketing arm of premier Tuscan wine estate Castello Banfi, will add another niche brand to its portfolio with the addition of Sicily’s Palari vineyards. 

“With Castello Banfi as well as the other brands we represent, our focus has always been on wineries who offer an authentic expression of their territory,” said Enrico Viglierchio, managing director of Banfi.  “Palari’s position in terms of value and prestige make it a perfect complement to our offerings.  As with all of our selections, once again excellence was the key criteria.”

Banfi, a regional icon for Tuscany and pioneer in Sangiovese vine research to produce superior Brunello and expressive “super Tuscan” wines in Montalcino, also represents the wines of sister winery Vigne Regali in Piedmont.  On the Italian market Banfi imports selections from Joseph Perrier champagnes of France; Concha y Toro and its organic winery partner Emiliana of Chile; and the Inniskillin icewines of Canada.  Palari, a boutique grower producing 50,000 cases a year, adds perspective to the portfolio and may, according to Mr. Viglierchio, represent a trend for smaller wineries in Italy.

“The Banfi name and reputation can help small producers of quality wines who have fewer resources and critical mass to effectively compete on the Italian and international markets,” said Mr. Viglierchio.  “With the assurance of Castello Banfi’s unique expression of Montalcino terroir, the retailer, restaurateur and consumer can confidently aquire additional regional expressions that meet the same criteria and standards, be it with Palari or any of the wines in our portfolio.”

            Salvatore Geraci, proprietor of the Palari winery, agreed.  “It is important that Banfi in particular distributes our wines,” he emphasized.  “Banfi brings a structure, reputation and open dialogue with its customers.  Its endorsement of Palari helps us bring our message and wines to places we might not otherwise be able to reach.”

Palari, based in the eponymous neighborhood of S. Stefano Briga di Messina, is headquartered in an 18th century villa surrounded by vineyards planted to historic native varietals including Nerello, Nocera, Core ‘e Palumba, Acitana, Galatena.

Mr. Geraci revived production of a noble wine called Faro, proven by archeological studies to have been produced in the area as far back as the 14th century B.C. He added the use of some modern techniques to restore the quality that made it famous throughout the world, starting with a hand harvest from low-yielding vines planted on steep, rocky terraces. 

Palari Faro DOCis vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel and aged in oak casks for a period that varies from vintage to vintage,resting an additional 18 months in the bottle before release.  It is a full bodied, intense wine with notes of jasmine, cardamom and ripe red fruits with a base of spices and subtle oak flavor.  A wonderful accompaniment to roasts, stews, game and aged cheeses, it can be cellared for at least 5 to 10 years and more in ideal vintages. 

In addition to the Faro DOC, Palari produces two other red blends of historic grapes, both under the Sicilia IGT denomination: its flagshipRosso del Soprano, a medium bodied red with concentrated flavors of dark berries and jam; andSanta Né, an ageworthy, complex wine that is only produced in exceptional vintages.   

Castello Banfiis the first winery in the world to be awarded international recognition for exceptional environmental, ethical and social responsibility (ISO 14001 and SA8000) as well as an international leader in customer satisfaction (ISO 9001:2000).  In 2010 Castello Banfi was honored by the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS) with its "Premio Speciale della Giuria," and declared Italy's top winery at VinItaly’s prestigious International Enological Concourse for the 12th time in 17 years.


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